I havent been feeling too good lately. Ive been depressed because of school and the fact that everyone that i know exept my boyfriend is leaving for schools all around the country. I feel really really lonely and now i dont even know if i can take my exam. I might have to do it after christmas. So in the mean time ill have to get a job. And the problem is that i have never had a job ( i have done some small jobs) but not a real job. And it scares me. I´m really scared when it comes to numbers and money. Ive always been afraid of numbers.. thats why i fail math x)...

On to some good news. Since i really need money to pay for the exam and school i´ve started selling art C:
i sold my first "design" yesterday and i feel really good about it xD even thoug it was only a small thing. Its a step closer to selling real art :)

I still need to find out how i want to price my art. Its really hard :P because i dont know how much is to much etc. And am i good enough for this prices.

and i really look forward to winter <3

i dont know what ill be doing rest of the night. Maybe try to find a job x)

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