Today has been a .. veeery special day.. I had a wonderful dream and right when something awesome was happening my phone rang. I picked it up and said " Hello?"

-"Hi, is this Isabell? "
-" yes im calling from the examofficesomething and are you going to take your exam today?"..

wait.. what? I thought my exam was on friday.. so I had to throw myself up from the bed and my mom had to drive me to the school so i could take my math exam :C
and I didnt have any food just water xI Not my day.. so when the exam were over I headed home.. just to find out that the door was locked and I didnt have any key.. My brother was standing outside because he didnt have any key either.. ( LOL ) It it was so freaking cold D: i mean.. like freezing! it hurt :C

So we headed down to the mall and had a meal on mcDonalds >.< bleh

THEN I startet the shopping.


I think I spend over 2000 norwegian kroner.. which is 328,839 American dollars XDD... whoooie

but.. its been a long time since I bought new clothes and I needed it!

Everything from Ginatricot exept the eyelashes o3o they are from cubus x3 I waant to learn how to put them on XD

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