soo... My mac is now dead

This is my screen when I turn it on :'c what does it mean? someone? help?
My amazing boyfriend let me borrow one of his macs. ( that bastard got two of them) 
so now its mine.. forever.

Anyways I continue to draw in kindergarden.. though its just some small sketches.. like this pooch
I dont have much fantasy either so they kind of suck XD.. lawl
Yesterday I got a surprise visit from a girl from my class in grade school! It was very nice to meet her and her family again :) though my mom had a freak out.. she didnt know what to serve them.. soo..

Yeah.. she gave them cheese,crackers and grapes. 
It was delicious though.. but a little bit weird... but delicious.. 

André is coming over to my  house tonight, I bet we will play xbox.. or he will play the xbox and at be in the computer.. lolol

"see" you later 

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