I bought a jacket for 50Kr which is.. about.. 8$ :D I bought it from a sale on Gina tricot I couldn't find a picture of it :C


honestly.. im not very fond of posing.. 
Anyways, The jacket is shoort, and obviously black. Looks semi gothish :F  But its to cold to use now.. so ill have to place them in my spring pile of spring clothes. And im going to show you what I have there someday!
but first...

im such an artist. 

why yes its molly! 

Here´s the shoes I bought the other day. 

I own these <3

but I want these aswell... heh

you can find them here

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  1. Åh døde litt når jeg så de skoene! Regner med at du skjønner hvilke jeg mener, haha:)

  2. haha ja ;) de er å kjøpe på H&M så løp og kjøp! de kostet bare 99 ;)

  3. http://img27.imageshack.us/f/perleftw.png/

    Lets be perlebuddies