So.. This is what happens when you work in kindergarden. I spent two days on this one :C and the fun part? it was one of the grown ups who destroyed my masterpiece. 

Here´s one of my Molly training kit. Its a shoebox, a bottle, a Kong toy and a cup of dog food. 
Im going to show you two videos of the bottle and shoebox o3o 

The bottle o3o 
she has to spin the bottle or flip it to get the food inside. 

And here I put a dog treat inside of the box, and she has to find out how on earth she´s going to get it. 

Here´s a picture of molly.

And another one

Well goodnight to you people who read this :) I know you are here >:3 I had  60 pageviews yesterday >x3 lolol 

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