Today I bought shitloads of new stuff. For me and Molly <3
I bought some makeup, a necklace with a swallow on ( super cute ) aand other stuffs.

I filled the kong with some sausages and my dog has been working with the toy for quite some time now x)

Its good to see her work her brain. We also went skiing so she could drain some energy before bedtime. Buut she was way to fucking crazy and didnt focus at all.. so it was a short trip. Cant walk around on planks when your dog keeps on trying to eat them.

I couldt find pictures of what I bought and im way to lazy to actually take a picture of it. Maybe later.

I also met up with Cathrine today :) which was lots of fun o3o
Valentines day is coming up.. and im not quite sure what to give to my boyfriend yet :3

maybe.. just maaybe ill sketch something up tonight. But im rather tired so.. meh 

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