Today its valentines day.. for those of you that don't pay attention. I met up with André and he gave me roses <3 we then went to the cinema to watch " tangled"... you know what? I actually really liked that movie! I have.. really nothing to complain about. I have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow so I had to go home as soon as the move was over :C Wish I could spend more time with you <3

 I work so much these days... and im so epic tired when I get home :C I really want to draw.. but my body says " aw hell noo.." Everytime I plan to do someting.. it just ends with: " ooh heey Isabell? Can you work tomorrow? "


well.. I get money though..
Today I actually had to be nurse to one of the boys. He hurt his finger.. badly.. so I had to take care of him until his parents came and picked him up. He had to go to the doctor o.o'

well im tired.
end of story

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