Hello c:
Its been some time since ive posted anything. Ive been working the entire week. And im dead tired x)
Im planning on drawing.. something.. I have really no idea of what I want to draw. Or maybe ill just play my pokemon game.

Its absolutely gorgeous weather outside. Its hot and sunny. And im here in my dark room watching tv.
I really want to go and see the new movie " rango" I think its called. I looks grrrreat.

just a random post. Not really necessary :3

Yees its me.. Yesterday in my.. do I dare say it. One piece.. OH GOD THE HUMILITY. No I look like complete fool. But its really warm.

My new pokemon team!

Scolipede lv: 33

Cecil lv: 37

Darumaka lv:38

Zebstrika lv:32

Basculin lv: 40

Dennis lv: 29

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  1. ONEPIECE?! Skuffende... Men liker at du spiller pokemon:) Jeg vil også!