Today Ive removed my hideous mark of doom.

its a pretty before and after picture C:
But I dont look that good thoug.. I have stitches and a huge bandaid on my face ;_; and its gonna be there for liek.. FOREVER!!
or just a couple of months. 
I really hated that mole. It was disgusting. 
I wasn't really afraid or anything, though the needle hurted like hell. After that I didnt feel anything C:  
But the anesthetic made half of my face retarded for a couple of hours later. And I got really tired. So I have been sleeping for.. 6 hours I think... But I needed it. Tomorrow its back to work ;_;
Here´s a few charming pictures of Molly from today: 

bye for now C:

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  1. That's a shame! Synes den ga deg særpreg jeg! Den var liksom en del av deg :'c