I kind of hated that there was a new generation pokemon. But as the pokefan that I am, I had to buy the newest game. Ofcourse my sillyass boyfriend wanted white version .. and I wanted white version.. But I bought Black so we can trade pokemans.

I was really sceptic about the game and everything.. but I really like it now o3o
So I took the time to show you my pokemon team. Well.. the current one.

nickname: Cecil
Lv: 27

Lv: 29

Nickname: Dennis
Lv: 22

lv: 29

Lv: 25


All amazing pokeman pictures from Here

Oh yeah.. Im still sick.. and it brrreaks my heart because my boyfriend is having a consert today :C and I really wanted to go.. But im just to weak >.< bleh :< Ive been sick for 4 days now.. im tired of it!

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