Okay.. Next week.. on Tuesday to be accurate I have to give back my computer. I only borrowed it from my boyfriend.. And I don't have the money to buy a new mac with all the programs that I need to be able to draw. So I wont be able to upload anything for quite some time. :C
But ill try to draw something traditionally and upload the pictures here on my blog.

I will miss to be able to draw digitally :C but ill try to get the money to buy a new mac with Photoshop c:

I got a new background.. of the universe.. yes

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  1. Baw! That's a shame!

    However, am I really really unbelievably dumb to be suggesting to "borrow" drawing software through pirating? Besides, you can still find a fair amount of freeware out there. Paint.net and gimp being options. Also, if you get a new computer you can still draw through oekaki and the likes. That's something, huh?
    But didn't you get drawing software with your tablet?