this is not me today btw... its yesterdaay.. i think
 my star pillow<3

Hello to you who actually reads this c: Today its sunny again! And its back to work tomorrow :C  Today ive been active outside and been helping around in the garden. Now im having a break from the sun and simply just relax inside in my dark daaark room. Its actually really chilly in here.. since the sun doesnt.. EVER reach in to this dark place during the day.

Today is probably the last day with my mac. And that sucks.. really.. And ill probably not buy a new mac until the summer break is over.. So ill go mac free the entire summer.. But really, you shouldn't spend your summer inside. At least if you live in Norway where the summer is SHORT.

So instead of whining to much Ive decided that I want to take up my traditional drawing again. I honestly don't draw much traditionally and I suck at it. So ill buy some new pencils and stuff and start the training. 

cheezy smile with my dog ^3^

 Now here I am today. Makeup free and full of dirt <3 I like to not wear makeup.. Just feels a little nude xD I actually really like to put on makeup.. sometimes :3

Gonna go for a walk with my dog now ^3^ bye for now

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