Gained weight

Ive gained weight this summer. And thats not a good thing. So now I'm going to keep track of what I eat and exercise more. Starting TODAY!
I might consider going to the gym aswell. Although I really don't like going to the gym. It just feels weird to be there.

Its really hot outside now so ill wait until evening, when the sun is less burrrrning on my back. And go for a gazzizling long walk with my dog. Its better for her.. and for me.

I really don't like to " go on a diet" but I really liked the way I was since before the summer. I get lazy.

But again I am a bit jojo with my weight. Its always up and down.

Im going to STOP eating cheesedoodles.. and red bull. This is why I'm heavier now.  I like the thought of being healthy. Not skinny.

And its a bit annoying.. since all of my fat goes to my belly.. and nothing on the boobs. I think thats just plain evil.

Im going to take a before and after picture. Maybe. haha. If I'm brave enough!

I want to become a better version of myself! oh so deep

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