New wardrobe,frisbee and drawing

So today I cleaned out my wardrobe. And I ended up with a pile of clothes that I don't use anymore. Im going to be kind and give it away to Fretex c:
I also bought a new frisbee to molly! But its too hot outside to actually go and use it. Unless I want my dog to die of heat.

I really dont know what to do rest of this day. Im still on my weigh plan! And I'm doing a good job.
Switching out everything crappy with goodstuff was a good start. Altough I had a epic challenge last night when my mom offered me chocolate. I said no! oh snap.

Maybe ill just stay inside and draw something.

I really need to draw more. Im stuck! I keep on drawing the same things over and over again. Simply because I'm afraid of trying something new and fail!

I wanted to draw a landscape yesterday, but i honestly had no clue on where to begin! I need to go and find some tutorials to begin with. To get some techniques.  If i succeed to draw today I´ll post it here :)

Oh yeah I also bought Molly some so called healthy treats. If I'm going to suffer she will to! muahahha
but she liked them.

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