En liten tutorial

Jeg lagde en tutorial på BDB og bestemte meg for å lage den her også :)

How I color ( most of ) my drawings

Step 1

Okay o3o 
start of with a clean lineart :)  make sure you have somewhat thick lines.

Step 2
1. make a new layer underneath your lineart layer
2. hit the paintbucket tool and fill the canvas

Step 3

1.  Find Select->Modify-> expand
2. expand by 1 or two.. depends on how tick you lines are.. remeber that we want the dotted line to get as close to the lineart as possible

Step 4

1. Hit the delete button o3o and all the red shall vanish o3o  And only the red in the lineart should be there o3o 

Step 5

1. seems like i spilled some.. Erase all the red that is on the outside of the layer and fill in where its missing. 

Step 6

1. Clean drawing o3o 

Step 7

1. Make a new layer and place it on the top of the red layer. Remeber to hit the little square box with the checkered patter on the layer box ( i forgot to draw where it is.. but its where the lock is ) 
2. Then go to Layer-> Create clipping mask

Step 8

And now you should be able to color the way you want :)  
tip: its a good idea to use a diffrent layer for each piece of the drawing ( like eyes, mouth,hair etc) 

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