Fantastic quality picture of a tiger I drew at work. 
lol i had to use the crappy kindergarden pencils x)

And as some of you know I have finally gotten myself a job! In a kindergarden! yeeeahh.. and i .. just.. looove children. yeeah.. But it is kind of fun. They say many funny things... I have this vietnamese kid who i asked if he could teach me some vietnamese.. And he replied: "mmm.. okey.. but youre the only one of the adults that im gonna tell!" 
He is so cute. 

And im getting really good at drawing dragons, princesses, fairies and unicorns. 
I actually like this job. Its never the same and you dont know what would happen next with these kids.  I should really make myself a new header. 

Edit: I made a new layout. Its already easter time here on my blog <3

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