So for a couple of days ago..actually yesterday my mom and sister went to go skiing. So I grabbed my dog and went with them.. Only so I could walk down from the mountain and home. (its not far at all)
So we walked in the forest C: just me and my dog <3 it was awesome.. and all of a sudden I ended up in someones yard.. because the path that I was following wasn't any path at all.

After the amazing trip I went to my boyfriends house and we went to his buddy. We were supposed to play Black Ops. But I failed so fucking hard.. and I got really mad. Soooo we watched a movie instead.. wich was actually quite good.

Its called " Devil" and its about some people who are stuck in a elevator.

Read about Devil here

and I am also in so much pain right now. It hurts like hell between my breast. I have no idea why, but I cant even move without it hurting. 
And I have work tomorrow ;_; how on earth am I suppose to work with kids with this pain.

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